My Sister Just Got Her Car
2000 Hyundai Elantra GSL 4 Cylinder
An The Guys She Got It From Said It Was All Ready To Go Well A Few Weeks Went By It Sounds Like Theres A Mis Fire Then Last Night The Car Wouldnt Go Over 40MPH Losing Power An She Filled Her Car Up For $20 An Not even 2Hrs on the Road Shes Alread on a quarter of a tank An it sounds like theres a problem with the 02 Sensor An Come To Find Out The Cable To It Was Clipped An Never Hooked Up An I Cant Find The UpStream O2 Sensor But i can Find the Clip To it.

So Does Her Car Have One Or 2 O2 Sensors? Kinda Need To Know Soon Because Needs her Car to go to Work an I’m trting to get it fixed as fast as i can.. i been working in Cars Since i was 10 im now 26 an i love it..

it has 2 sensors, one before the cat, one after.