My previous question is:

"Hello Mr. Kilmer,

I started hearing bad clunky noise from my rear passenger side (right). It was not as bad before, thought its just bad suspension, however the car runs smooth, its just like hitting something when I goover bumpy roads and I cant afford new struts at this time and think that the problem is not with struts.

My car is camry 98 with 139kmile on it.

Thanks a lot for your videos btw. Appreciate that.


Update: I jacked up my car and checked the source of the noise, I think the suspension works but it works noisy, its like there is not enough oil to make it smooth. And clunky noise I was talking about happens when the weather is cold and suspension movea barely, thats why I here noise. Is there any oil type to ise to make suspension smoother rather than purchasing new one. Because I am pretty sure suspension works since it recovers when I press the car down (of course with a noise) .

Please help, thanks a lot.

yes, spray WD 40 lube all over every rubber part, it can stop noise, as long as rubber isn't broken into pieces that's safe

Rubber is broken