My Output Speed Sensor Problem {Fixed}


You were most certainly correct about my Mazda 3 transmission problem.

As it turns out (sorry that I'm just now responding after months), my output speed sensor was an extremely cheap aftermarket copy of the OEM edition. It took me months to try out a different one simply because I was changing out the input speed sensor the WHOLE TIME! It was insanity! After the third time, it was revealed that the output speed sensor was located underneath the transmission not on top! This is NOT your fault, but instead my own ignorance as it took me over two months to figure that out. If you were to research "Output Speed Sensor for Mazda 3" the first page of results would show the input speed sensor, which was ultra confusing. The Mazda website however has diagrams and showed me exactly which one was which. It was a tiny mistake that made a huge impact, but thank you SO much Scotty Kilmer. Thank you for all of the dedication you put into making your videos, responding to everyone's questions and concerns, and actually knowing what you're talking about. I've been through quite a bit of mechanics, but you sir are a mad genius, thank you. Also the output speed sensor plug contained green gunk so that was an obvious giveaway. Disgusting...

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YES, we all live and learn. MANY cheap aftermarket copies of computer parts are out there, and lots of them don't work worth beans. Like me, you learned the hard way