my mom's OLD geo metro needs help

My moms old geo metro engine problems

This is a long shot to have some help from someone who is a very detailed oriented and logically driven mechanic. Let me give you the gist of the problem maybe you could give us a better understanding of where the problem lies, of course I dont expect any kind of specificsolution but a starting idea will help a lot.

So my mom's 1998 geo metro with almost 100miles on it has started to burn oil and stutter a lot just under some conditions, Ive personally changed the pcv valve as one of your videos suggested. But I think the problem is worst, since that didnt do anything.

I know I probably need more serious work to be done with the engine, but THATS where my real question starts.

The symptoms are:

  • engine does a put put put sound only after going on a very long uphill drive and then the engine just feels "weak"
  • engine burns a LOT of oil, maybe 1 quarter every week. (no dripping)
  • when in a heating situation (traffic jam) the engine behaves differently and almost feels like it is working harder than usual to get to the same revs.

I live in a third world country with very scarce logically drive, knowledgeable mechanics, and my mom is poor and so am I, and I cant be jumping from mechanic to mechanic basically patching problems which are caused by the MAIN issue the car may have.

What should we focus our attention and money on?

I was thinking on getting a new engine or changing a lot of things in the engine which would be even more expensive, since my moms has even changed the clutch system and the manifold for some reason (I didnt agree to that)

burning that much oil, engine is just flat worn out inside. Best to just change it out if you can find a good low mileage used one from a wreck. Those tiny engines do not rebuild all that well, they are not strongly made

Very cheap to get a new engine with low miles. Just fine one. The pan comes out in like 30 minutes, drop the motor, easy peasy.