Possibly the worst car experience that a single human being could ever encounter in their entire life.

Hey, I watch quite a bit of your videos and I was wondering if you could help me figure out a problem with my Mazda. I bought this vehicle months ago, and it's an Automatic 2008 Mazda 3 i Touring with a 2.0L Engine. 

Problem: As of driving my car for approximately only 2 months, I began to notice that the speedometer was malfunctioning and giving me the P0720 Code for my Output Speed Sensor Circuit. So, I purchase a Used - Like New Mitsubishi AT Speed Sensor from Amazon for about $18 (since it was half the price). It seemed to have been performing pretty well. However, after another two months later the same thing happens but even worse now. This time my car HATES it when I have to stop at a traffic light and will 50% of the time stall, cycle through the parking gear, neutral, and then finally the drive gear after about 10 seconds of looking like a traffic-jamming bimbo who is stuck in the parking gear struggling to accelerate. On the other hand, the car likes it when I accelerate enough to finally get it on the 4th gear. Proof is that it no longer flickers and cycles through the gears. Nor does the speedometer or odometer malfunction after the 4th gear. Lastly, another thing is that the AT and Steering lights with the engine light used to appear and only show the P0720 Code again once more. I used to struggle with turning the wheel when slowing down to (for example) park, or make a U-Turn or something similar to that extent but not after I drove awhile heading to the dealership. And oddly enough, I even realized that my car's music would sometimes increase based on whether are not the speedometer is functioning properly. And I have to replace my worn out Transmission Motor Mount, too since the engine moves quite a bit when shifting. I understand that this is A LOT to take in, but I've met with quite a bit of other mechanics, and they either can't figure it out, or they'll well...ya know...try to empty my piggy bank. 

The most recent mechanic told me that even a mechanic that's been working on Mazda vehicles for over three decades couldn't even figure out the problem. And that apparently my transmission fluid is corroded (a little brownish). I know that's bad, but THIS bad? If you

could help me out, it would be a true blessing. I know that mechanical advise isn't cheap but I've tried almost everything. It's DRIVING me nuts, ha. Little joke there. Please help. Does my transmission just need changing? Is this all because of the Output Speed Sensor? I'm a researcher and there hasn't been any great leads. Once again, I apologize for the long message.

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I would start with a factory oem sensor, it's the ONLY way to go on those, defective ones can do many things. If it still went whackso then, either the wiring from the sensor to the computer is bad, the computer itself is bad, OR the tranny needs rebuilding. Good luck