My ford fusion 2009 v6 3.0 is due for smogged and it did not pass the smog giving me P1336.Few days back i got the spark plugs changed from one of the local machanic and i am not sure what he did but my check engine light came on after he changed the spark plugs and the wires giving me P1336 code i took back to him and he deleted the code and ask me to drive atleast 100 miles i drove and no light came back but when i took it for smog there was no light on and there were no codes stored in the module but still it didnot pass the smog giving me P1336 error code and i searched on google and found that it is for crankshaft position sensor i changed the sensor reset the codes and drove about 100 miles the code did not come up nor the check engine light but i am still not sure if it will pass the smog or not because some online tutorials says this error is for crankshaft and camshaft sensor i am not sure if i have to change the camshaft sensor as well or not because this car has 2 camshaft sensor. my car is giving no problems at all and there is no check engine light on the only problem sometime it does is sometime it stalls. i have replaced the crankshaft sensor and drove 100 miles but the card did not stall at all i am not sure it will pass the smog or not or should i replace the 2 camshaft sensors as well. dont want to waste money

if it has a code, it will fail smog. Get a cheap scanner and check that first, they also have obd check data on those scanners that tell you if they will pass smog. online they cost very little. Strt there.

Scotty thanks for the reply i checked with scanner and there were no codes i drove the car about 60 miles yesterday and while driving the car died in the middle of freeway and i had to get the car towed to my home. Car cranks but does not start at all. i checked the code with the scanner and now it is giving P061D. i hvae looked up a lot on this code for Ford Fusion but found nothing other than i need a new PCM. Not sure what exactly this error is. Can you please help