My car(acura Tl 2005) makes a weird creaking sound when coming to a complete stop and or accelerating from one. Also I have a weird binding sound that happens when i turn the wheel at a complete stop.

I have changed my front shocks, sway bar links (were busted), all three motor mounts(were busted), cv axles both sides, rack and pinion, lower ball joint & my compliance bushing on my passenger side.

I have my outer tie rods I planned on replacing but for some reason the nut connecting inner and outer is to hard to loosen for me I have had my car for about 4 years now it has about 151k miles on it. I have noticed that when I do work on my car say when i replaced my shocks and sway bar links that the sound wasn't as intense or loud as it was for a while same with when i changed my rack and pinion as if when i took the tire off and played with it it alleviated the stress somewhere.

im going to change these outer tie rods as soon as i figure out a better way my cars getting old and alot of rusted bolts but if that doesn't work i think my next attempted replacement might be my upper control arm. what are your thoughts on this and would you recommend any other alternatives to figuring out whats wrong?

Videos with the sound speaking of:

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try this video to pinpoint the sound for sure