My 96 Ranger 4.0 has an idling issue. Check engine light is on. Code is P0401 (Low EGR Flow). After sitting all night it starts like a dream and runs like a new truck. But after about 5 minutes it runs extremely rough at idle and seems like it wants to stall. No issues at all under throttle, no sputtering, no hesitation, excellent throttle response. If I shut shut it off and try to start it again when it's at operating temperature, it has to crank for several seconds and I will give it some throttle to get it started. After doing some research I thought I might try the DPFE sensor, but that didn't help. I saw that I might need to clean my EGR valve (or replace it). It's just completely rusted on there and is going to be a beast of a job to get that off. Do my idling symptoms indicate perhaps that my EGR is stuck open? What do you recommend? I need some help Scottie!! Thanks!

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probably is stuck open, replace it, use a torch