My 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4.0 has started consuming excessive amounts of engine oil (per Toyota Canada's Oil Consumption Test 1.65 ltrs per 2100km) and some coolant. I had recent work done to the top engine, but dealership kicked me to the curb AND Toyota Canada's Techs say they can't find the problem. And that there is NOTHING MORE THEY CAN DO. I NEVER had an issue before the work was done.... I complained to Toyota Canada that they were not performing the right diagnostics to find the problem (NO EXTERNAL LEAKS)

My point is that my engine is burning both coolant and oil. I personally performed a Combustion Gases Test (in total about 1hr period)
and nothing showed. I will do a compression and leak-down next. I pulled plugs and you can see sooty residue around the out/inner sparkplugs but no real oil fouling. I have some white/creamy residue on the underside of my oil fill cap; (Toyota cleaned of previous residue)

My suspicions are that I have a cracked head(s) inside of the intake valve port. Head gaskets I think are ok as I mentioned that while running the engine, I performed a combustion gases test and nothing showed up.

HOW CAN I perform a diagnostic determine this without pulling the heads>>>? Can I pull the intake manifold/cowling...then block that cylinder off which I am performing the test on (or all of them), then with the intake valves open, put compressed air into that cylinder and perform a combustion gases test?
Also, using dye / UV light... in both oil and coolant.... Will the dye show up on the, sparkplugs, exhaust tail pipe?
I am at that point that I will have to perform further diagnostics to find the problem; It would seem that Toyota Canada is stuck in the mud

Any assistance is appreciated

I know canada does not have recalls from what my canadian friend mechanic tells me. But to test a head, do a wet and dry compression test, that can show bad valves, or bad rings, or cracks. Start there

If Toyota won't help you any further, then you're the one stuck in the mud now! I'd price a complete low KM used engine and see if that won't be the most economical route as many times it seems with the modern engines, they don't seem to get repaired properly once they're torn down and reassembled.


Hi Scotty, thanks for the quick response; I may try a couple of dye tests also. But, to really identify the sourse (eg. crack in heads IF this is the case) I might need to pull intake and exhaust manifolds and then shine the UV into the ports. BUT on the other side, buying a low km engine OR new engine would be a quicker option.... THEN I would have the time to tear down this one

I'd next see if Toyota Canada won't work with you on partial cost reimbursement for another engine installation.