My 2011 Audi A5 has gasoline in the oil. I checked the oil and it smells of gas and is also very thin. I know this is could be a very bad thing but i have been told it could be a number of different… And there is no codes that the scanner gave us, when i took or to autozone

Also I should note, the Check Engine Light came on after the incident with the white smoke the other day, and has been on since.

get it scanned for the code, post the code here. Pray it's something like bad fuel injectors and NOT a blowing head gasket. There are thousands of codes, I need the code to analyze it correctly, places like auto zone scan them free

I took it to autozone and they weren’t able to get a code to come up, even after scanning multiple times

also, my coolant level has stayed the same as it was, so it’s not leaking any coolant