My 2000 impala with the 3.4l has been jerking and bucking and sometimes stalls when I’m going above 55mph. It’s not an every time thing. And it doesn’t matter if I’m accelerating or going at a constant speed. I replaced the MAF sensor, the TPS, and cleaned the throttle body. I replaced the head gasket about 9 months ago and all fuel injectors and connection looked fine. It has all new coils, plugs and wires, and it’s not throwing any codes. It idles just fine and drives all around town as long as I’m going under 55mph. When I am on high speed and it does stall when I get it pulled over it fires right back up and doesn’t skip a beat. So it doesn’t seem like a crankshaft sensor. Please help

pressure test the fuel pump, if they go bad no check engine light will show

I will test it. Wouldn’t it act up at idle or start up and not only when I go above 55?

I replaced fuel pump, and MAP sensor. pressure was fine. Seems like not getting fuel