My 1999Jeep grand Cherokee v 8 Sprong a major radiator leak got hot and died The next morning I was able to drive it the shortlist is home but running a little ruff an ticket I pulled Radiator it blow A part he fixed it and said it might’ve blew a head gasket sure enough when I got adorn blue radiator fluid up bot 6 inches my Friend put gasket sealer in some he had after watching the video I’m kind of regretting it he did it right but I sure didn’t recognize the brand it didn’t work it’s still starts and runs but not good i maid 2. 4mile tips 2 mail they It don’t adult I run in get my baloney time I get back she’s blowing steam kind of back passenger side of the motor I love my old jeep but she’s got a little over 200,000 and I crippled myself 2 years ago I’ll apologize taking up so much Of your time to read all this I didn’t want to miss nothing I very much need all the help I can get here I think you i thank you for time look forward to hearing back from you

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


odds are head gasket is shot if it's blowing steam there. But have the cooling system pressure tested and pray it's leaking somewhere else