My 1992 Toyota MR2 105k miles - Using AT-205 for Valve Step Seal Leaks

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My 1992 Toyota MR2 105k miles, 2.2 liter in-line aluminum 4 cylinder, standard transmission, manual steering. In many ways, it's a simple 1990 Camry drivetrain, but mid-engine, rear wheel drive. Fantastic car. Handles great. I live in Nevada. It's a weekend car. I have it on a trickle charger to make starting a breeze. I hope to have the car still in 30 years with your help!

My question: Three items that may have one fix, using AT-205...

  1. I have had valve stem seals leaking for years. Since the car sits a long time, I get the one puff of blue smoke when I start it up. Then no more smoke until it sits for a for a good while again. Some people have used AT-205 to "fix" this. One Camry owner with my valve seal problem say that if you use AT-205 wrong, it will eat the paint on the inside of the oil Toyota pan, and clog the engine with the paint that becomes gunk. How do I use it correctly to address my valve stem seals leak, but not cause other problems?

  2. The suspension creeks over speed bumps unless it's a hot Nevada day. I have changed the bushings, and that helped for a while, but creeks over bumps are starting to return. And more so when it's cold outside. It seems AT-205 in an old, empty spray bottle applied liberally will address this, as in your video, yes?

  3. When I wash the car, the rubber weather seals where the t-tops and the window meets, leaks water a bit. The door and roof seals are almost 30 years old! Will rubbing AT-205 help with that, or should I rub silicon treatment in it instead?

Thanks again for being there for those of us that love driving old cars! Even my daily driver is 15 years young :)