Mr. Kilmer, love your videos. My wife has a 2012 dodge avenger se 2.4, the car is not running, no key in ignition but the wipers will not turn off. Had problems with the headlights, turn signals and then window MOTORS. Resolved the turn signals, door and headlight problem, but wiper issue is still happening. Please help, you can also reach out by phone if needed, 8322438146, Howard. Any help is greatly appreciated. When I see your videos I know I can count on returning to the road. Once that's done I'll move to my daughter's 2001 mustang v6

when all that stuff goes bad, pretty much a cinch that the body control module computer or its wiring has gone bad. ONLY a dodge mechanic with a dealer scan tool can check that stuff out, replace it if bad, and then reprogram it to work when replaced. They are JUNKER vehicles, if you are smart, do not buy another one.