Mr. Kilmer,

   I wanted to know what kinds of different possibilities you think could be my issue with what's wrong. Every time I use my heat or a/c above the lowest settings, my car dies shortly after. Sometimes it dies in mid motion too! I have to turn on the emergency lights and pull over and to restart it. On occasion it takes a couple times to get it going. One time when it died at a red light, I tried to start it again, I heard a loud noise like something blew off of something. . . or  fell out. Then, it wouldn't even make a noise when trying to start it one last time. A backyard mechanic replaced the water pump, saying that it was the issue.  I've had the spark plugs and wires replaced, oil filter (check engine light comes on/off) and oil changed, (oil is almost black again so soon) and the intake manifold and gaskets.  Also, sometimes when I turn the car on and it's still in park it wants to accelerate itself LOUDLY. . . . . . almost like it's desperately trying to go against being in park mode. When I switch gears it sounds normal again. . . .or dies. I have other questions too but I don't want to overwhelm you. 

 Thank you for your time.
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turning the heat or ac on strains the battery and alternator. SO, have them both load tested first, auto zones and other stores do that free in their parking lots. Pray it's that easy and not a computer or wiring failure