MPV ignition coil & flex pipe Scotty, I have a 2002 Mazda MPV LX that I bought new when I was in…


MPV ignition coil & flex pipe


I have a 2002 Mazda MPV LX that I bought new when I was in USAF. The small MPV size was great & it ran generally good. But unfortunately from the very beginning it had ignition coil problems (found out later it's a known Ford issue). Within the 3 warranty years, 5/6 coils had been replaced, one at a time.

Since then I had lots of intermittent engine sputtering/misfiring, O2 sensor, check engine & now exhaust troubles. The ignition coil problems still remain today, even with all the coils replaced at least twice. I think the 3rd coil, hard to reach always seem to be the 1st to fail soon after replacement.

Over 1-1/2yr ago I had new left flex pipe installed behind the engine block & after the O2 sensor (all the major mechanical work were done by mechanics or muffler specialist) & then my daughter took it to college.

Recently my "brave" daughter drove the MPV home from college 3 states away after flex pipe broke off completely. From the sound of it, I thought she traded it for a Harley motorcycle when she pulled in to the drive way. 

Just found out that flex pipe was bruned/melted off just before the catalytic converter.  A peek at the inside of the catalytic converter doesn't seem to be blocked & engine mounts seem to be ok.  So, had the ignition coil/misfiring alone cause the flex pipe to burn it off? I have emissions test due soon. What should I be looking for? 

The engine itself & the transmission seem to continue to run good, it has over 133k miles. Electricals are questionable, but manageable. AC has leaks. Some rust on driver side rear wheel well.

The bottom line question I have is, knowing what you know from experience & of my Mazda MPV ignition coil history, is it worth keeping, should I spend the money to get it fixed? Sell it for parts or junk it?

If I get rid of it, I'd have to get a replacement van in the future... what would you recommend for small hauling/work van (not minivan)? Thanks.

Kind regards, Erick

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That Mazda's put you through nightmares-- I'd get rid of it out of pure spite. Is there any way conceivable you could use Toyota Sienna van? Scotty always speaks highly of those. Recent Scotty Q&A: "What's the best 1 ton cargo van to buy now that Ford doesn't make the Econoline w/5.4 L engine anymore? A. SK: sprinters actually last a long time if you maintain them''