Modified 2014 Lexus IS F Sport Evolution as 1st Family Car


Hello, Mr. Kilmer

Did you have any thoughts on Heavily Improved & Upgraded Handling Systems, Cooling Systems, Braking Systems, re-blueprinted and re-balanced Engine & Transmission 2014 Lexus IS F Sport Evolution 5.0L 2UR-GSE V8 with Racing-spec Titanium Intake Manifold, Racing-spec Air Intake Pipe, Racing-spec Air Filter, Racing-spec Titanium Exhaust Systems with Racing-spec Euro 6 Emission Standard Ultra High Peformance Catalytic Converters, Racing-spec FIA-Approved Gas Tank. and Full Carbon Fiber Body Panel Mods?

My Wife have those car with 5k miles and she bought it on last year spring from Estate Sale in Japan, then shipped it to Indonesia and she's gonna use that IS F as our First Family Car, although it's extremely very fast to become our First Family

Previous owner is older man from Japan who drives extremely very conservatively and only put 1k miles per year, maintaining the Car extremely very conservatively

Thank You

PS: All Mods are done by my Wife with expection on Handling Systems, Cooling Systems, and Braking Systems are Heavily Improved & Upgraded by the Factory, while the Engine & Transmission are also being re-blueprinted & re-balanced by the Factory before being bought by Previous Owner in 2014 as his Last Car to drive around before he's passed away on last year spring and my wife take an advantage to buy those car very cheap since the previous owner Family of that Car want to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so my wife bought those IS F almost for nothing

I think she's bought that IS F for ¥108465/$1000