Few questions I have been wondering about lately on my 2001 V6 Mustang ...

First off id like to say I have been a long time subscriber of Scotty Kilmer on Youtube. An I love what you do. Thanks so much.

~ My issues with my mustang at the moment is when I start the car after it has been ran and warmed up it will stumble and miss almost like it's getting a bad spark from coil. Goes away soon as I touch the throttle for a few seconds. Sorta notice when it's humid out it lacks power somewhat but that may just be me. Also the previous owner never had a pcv valve in it until I put one in it on intake/passenger side. The car has about 170k on the motor. Just got a new battery and fixed the ground on it. Replaced the fuel filter and water pump. I replaced the water pump because it had a chirping noise that wouldn't go away. Here it was the bearing in the Camshaft synchronizer,just added a little oil went away.

Also I have new platinum plugs an wires. No codes on the car other than every so often I was getting a bank 2 sensor 1 code. Was a header leak or from the pcv valve not being there. Fixed one header leak now there is a small one on the other side.

Someone said something about the coolant temp sensor getting an air bubble?? Shouldn't be any vapor locks that I am aware of. Not sure if that has anything to do with the miss tho. Fig it may be the coil pack ? Have checked the primaries once a while back.. 1.6 1.6 1.0 it's a waste spark coil as I know you are aware. Why is the one by the connection always lower on most ford mustangs?? Is this normal ?

~ Also I am having an issue with a stumbling idle when the motor for the cooling fan comes on. Is this a sign of a bad electric motor on my fan? My over flow coolant jug is super full an have no leaks.

Any advice is much appreciated thanks :)

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Have a radar uniden detector an it shows the volts... I hit breaks an watch it drop a few tenths. Was new then sat for almost 3 yrs then I bought it. The miss is when I get off the freeway after hard acceleration then turn it off an restart so you are right I am sure. Going to replace the fuel pump intake gasket and injectors in the spring. Been planing to clean the EGR also soon as it gets a lil warmer. :) Thanks Mr Kilmer. :) Good night :)



more often doing that is somewhat leaking injectors that flood the engine out when hot and revving it clears out the flooding. And fan motor is either wearing out, you can have the amperage it uses checked , or alternator is weak which can also be checked