Scotty, I have a 2012 Mazda 3 iTouring (4 door sedan) with SkyActiv with 148K miles. Brake noise has long been an issue with this car. I usually do my own brake work and the local Mazda dealer recommended to only use Mazda brake parts vs aftermarket. I listened and installed new rear Mazda ($$) pads and rotors last October 2019. After only 10K miles the rotors were totally glazed and making all kinds of scraping noises. I don't drive hard so the pads weren't worn. I decided to have a local mechanic replace them including a new caliper on one side (he used aftermarket parts). But after only 1K miles, the pads/caliper pins started rattling at low speeds and make a loud knocking noise as the wheel turns/rotor makes contact with the pad (the noise goes away at higher speeds). I took the car back and the mechanic took everything apart, greased the pins, etc. However, the noise returned after less than a week. I wonder if the clip holding the pads in place isn't doing its job? The mechanic who installed them is willing to try to fashion a DIY clip. He tells me this is a problem with lots of Mazdas. Have you heard of this? Interestingly, I recently replaced my front pads/rotors myself with Akebono pads and Raybestos rotors and after a few thousand miles everything is still quiet and working perfectly. So my question to you in regard to the rear brake noise is whether you think it's a poor clip design, the aftermarket pads not fitting properly, or a caliper issue? Thank you.