Manual AC knob control for vent selection & temperature control jammed/resistive

The manual control for the knob is jammed. Its not an electronic control knob on X-Trail & Sunny (Versa)

The selector appears to work with rods. It still blows the air in the footwell even when I don't want it to. And putting on the windscreen defogger is resistive and still leaks air from footwell.

Is this something that I can fix on my own or is it a job for the dealer? The dealer says it will cost a lot if it requires the dashboard to be opened $815+ which is something too expensive for us. Is this something I can fix myself?

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all those I've ever seen were electronic. BUT, if it has a cable, lube it with spray lithium lube and see what happens


I’m no professional mechanic but I would get something to lubercate it