Maintenance For Recent Purchased 98 Chevy Cavalier


Dear Scotty,

I just recently purchased a 98 Chevy Cavalier with automatic transmission from a private party. Surprisingly the car only has a little over 34,000 miles. The first owner was an older woman who only drove it to church twice a week. The second owner lived a mile from work and only used it when the weather wouldn't allow him to ride his bike. The third owner, who I purchased the vehicle from, bought it with the intention of delivering food during the pandemic but got rid of it cause his wife didn't want the car. Car runs great only issue is the AC compressor makes some noise, probably because of the age. The guy who sold it refilled the AC and suggest I do a cooling system flush. I am a little weary due to age of all the componants and don't want to loosen anything making a problem that doesn't exist a problem. Also with the age of the car i'm not sure if they used traditional oil or synthetic. Any pointers and also other things you would recommend be done please let me know.

I'm currently stationed on a ship so if your response comes on Youtube or Facebook I will not be able to view them immediately. If you would be able to atleast send me the link to the video that would be greatly appreciated.

Walter Luthye