Low oil pressure light randomly on, is it oil pressure switch or oil pump?

Hi scotty

i am writing you because i have a small problem with my car and I though you could give me an advice, but firstly let me tell you that your videos are just epic :D, on all videos you explain the problem and solution simple, clear and on funny way.

Recently a problem on my car appeared, thats oil light that indicates low pressure, but it only turns on for few seconds when driving, so i am wondering if it could be just oil pressure switch or maybe oil pump, which i hope not.. and i remembered you had a video about how to replace oil pressure switch, but in your video car had low oil pressure light always on, so is it possible that it could be just bad switch. Oil was changed regularly and it's level is high enough. im asking because i will have to change oil soon and it its oil pump would replace it as well. Oh and car is Skoda octavia 1.6 75KW 2003 and has only 168kkm

I am sorry for bad english, but it's because it's my second language,, anyway if you read anything from my crappy english and would give me an advice i would be very grateful.

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thank you scotty will change oil pressure switch and report then, and also it always happen when driving and engine sounds like normal no rattling noises as you mentioned in your video.



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