Love your content. Informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work! I live in the jungle area of Ecuador. Most roads in Ecuador are very good, but where we live there are lots of wholes, landslides, and unfinished dirt roads. I need a 4x4. I don't plan on going off-roading, I just want something with big tires that will handle the roads here. I have a big family, so I need a 7 or 8 passenger SUV too. I am looking at these used SUVs, and I would live your thoughts on them.

  1. 2010 Toyota Prada 5P - $17,000 - 100K Miles;

  2. 2005 Toyota Prada 5P - $20,000 - 180K Miles;

  3. 2007 Honda Pilot - $19,000 - 150K Miles;

  4. 2013 Honda Pilot - $33,000 - 50k Miles;

1 other option: Only 7 seats, but I found a 2014 Toyota Fortuner 4.0 automatic with 13k miles (Really) for $42,000. These retail new here for $67,000. I don't need or want new, but this looks pretty sweet.

I doubt I will drive more than 60K miles in the next 3 years. I do not plan on doing anything stupid while driving, but I live soooooo far out, that I need something reliable.

Any suggestions or insight? Should I look for something else?

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dirty dan
dirty dan

I'd go with the 2000 10 Toyota Prada 5p but I certainly wouldn't pay $17,000 for a car that has over a hundred thousand miles.