LOUD RUMBLE STRIP NOISE AND VIBRATION I was driving my 2018 Honda HR-V EX AWD the other day during…



I was driving my 2018 Honda HR-V EX AWD the other day during a short trip with my wife and experienced something I've never experienced before with any vehicle without driving on rumble strips. It sounded and felt exactly like I was driving over rumble strips along the side of the road despite the road not having rumble strips at all. Another similar comparison could be how it feels when driving on the rim of a wheel with a totally flat tire.

In some very slight ways, some aspects of it also resembled the sound and feel of when a vehicle is in too low of a gear, but it was way more obvious than any encounter I've ever had with that type scenario. This would be that scenario on super steriods and heroin, not that I've ever tried either, lol. I hadn't thought to look at what the rpm's were, but it was way way way more obvious to cause me to think and be concerned of other more serious mechanical failures.

Here are the specific conditions

Current vehicle mileage is almost at 8000 miles (first oil change was performed around 3k, and the oil life indicator is only at 30% right now). Oil is cheaper than a new engine, so I always change the oil and filter early on with a new engine (between 2-3k). This engine hasn't reached its first recommended 15% oil life oil and filter change yet.

Driving style: I have a very light foot and I average about 33-35MPG in the summer, 29-31MPG in the winter.

Other variable during incident: Cruise Control was on and actively engaged

Weather conditions: Dry, over cast, approx. 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Road condition: Dry, smooth and level/flat, no rumble strips installed in the road at all. Noise occured during long straight aways.

Speed: noise occured around 35-40mph

Initially this noise was very subtle with brief 2-3 second intermitant intervals, but frequent enough to catch my attention and cause me to look more closely at the road surface for any deviations. None visible. After about a 1/2 mile it began to become more prominant with longer durations, and loud enough for my wife to ask why the car is making this sound. Then it just stopped. In about another 1/2 mile it began again, much louder, stronger, and longer durations this time and my wife asked if I had a flat tire (nothing on the dash indicating a flat tire, and the vehicle handled normally without pulling in any direction). When it got loud enough for me to become seriously concerned, I was just about to pull off to the side of the road and it stopped again. However, this time when it stopped, I felt a subtle clunk in the steering wheel and gas pedal exactly when it stopped. Since then, it didn't do it for the remainder of the trip from or back to home, it hasn't done it again, and I can't even purposefully duplicate the issue by trying to use a super light foot on a level surface to try and simulate a late shift (even though it's a CVT).

Any ideas?

Should I be concerned?

What should I check?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

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This exact same thing happened to me yesterday, did you figure out what it was?

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer




Yes you should be concerned. Have Dealership check it under Warranty for engine or transmission problems. 2015 Honda CRVs had notorious problems. Scotty is always warning about weak Honda automatic transmissions. Don't assume that it's "you." I met an Odyssey guy on his 3rd transmission. Sometimes Dealers will cheap-out by R&R'ing motor mounts but stay after them. Pray it's something simple like a Software adjustment to your TCU and not a long battle w/ Honda over a faulty transmission, e.g. Meanwhile, the single MOST important thing you can do is find & JOIN & participate in a free online HR-V owner forum where you can discuss this problem w/ other owners of your identical year-make-model-- do that today.