loose hood lifted by air when driving highspeed on highway, brand new 2017 BRZ

Maybe I'm just a jerk but I feel the air dynamic makes the car very unstable when it's lifted, as it's a quite light car

I showed the same photo to dealer, they agree the hood is lifted, but they turned the stopper upwards, so it's lifted even before drive.

I tightened the left hood stopper down to the end problem gets a bit better but not gone. still unstable during high speed.

​talked to some other brz owners they seem not have the problem. dealer had claimed they can't do anything. how can I fix it? driving a unstable sport car is itself contradicting.

Yours was not built right, have them fix it to sit correctly, PERIOD

Thanks, by them you mean the car dealer? or should I contact Subaru myself?

By the word "them", he meant the same dealer you bought the car from.