Looking to buy used car in Ontario, Canada? I like Yaris, Prius, Fit..


I am looking to buy used car in Ontario, Canada. I am looking to get a car I can sleep in the back seats/truck space (flat or near flat surface). I am looking to save as much money as possible, I believe Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and Toyota Prius is what I am looking for. Should I get a really cheap car? or a little bit newer? I copied and paste my information from the car reddit, I am looking to get good advise on these cars. Thanks Andrew!

Location: Ontario, Canada

Price range: $3000-$9500 CAD

Lease or Buy: BUY

New or used: USED

Type of vehicle: Compact car (i like back window wiper, and flat space with folding back seats.

Must haves: Fuel efficient, 4 cylinder engine, back seats that almost fold flat with the truck space so I can sleep in it once in a while when I traveling far away to save hotel money

Desired transmission (auto/manual, etc): auto

Intended use: Daily Driver, Family Car, Work, highways, and small towns

Vehicles you've already considered: Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Prius C

Is this your 1st vehicle: No

Do you need a Warranty: No, but I like see good documents on the car (carfax and safety done)

Can you do Minor work on your own vehicle: battery only, but eventually I would like to do more

Can you do Major work on your own vehicle: No

Additional Notes:

Looking for economy car, looking to save money on traveling (back seats can be flat with the truck space, so I can sleep on it to save motel/hotel money when the weather is nice outside). Looking for save money on fuel, but at the same time looking for successful durable cars that last a long time and I like the Toyota and Honda style the best. I don't know how "long" a Honda car or Toyota car can last.

There are the cars I am looking to get used, I am not sure which ones to get. I heard that cars start to fall apart after 300 000 km or (200 000 miles). So I was thinking of getting the cheap Toyota Yaris at first, but then on my last car I went through 100 000 km in 3 years. So may I should get the Honda Fit 2014 or the Toyota Prius C 2014. I am not sure how long the Toyota Prius C will last, but I thinking it might have me some gas money as well, and I like the how quiet the engine is.

$8500 2014 Toyota prius c 133 000km

$7000 2014 honda fit 86 000 km

$4000 2010 Toyota yaris 200 000km

$3500 2009 Toyota yaris 177 000 km

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Alright thanks, would the prius be a close 2nd? or should I be looking for newer Yaris or another new Honda Fit?

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


get the fit out of those