Looking for a fun and reliable car

Deciding between multiple cars based on fun, reliability, and entry level perfromance in the realm of 300hp.

Hello Scotty! I am 17 years old and i am looking for a fun first car. I have been in love with cars since I was born. I must be honest and confess I love BMW. I love the 335i but I am aware of the issues it has and the cost of certain repairs. So listening to both my heart and brain I am considering a infiniti G37/35 but they happen to be slow and heavy. As of now in terms of Japanese cars I have my eyes set on a the Lexus IS/RC 350 f-sports and the Subaru WRX. How are those? Plus, I am also considering an Audi S4. I have also read that BMW seems to be making a come back in reliability according to US consumer reports. According to these reports, the BMW 2-Series ranks as one of the most reliable entry level entry sports cars. These cars have been made with less electronics than the higher series of BMW. What are your thoughts?

endless money pits, all BMWs. Get the lexus, great cars

Are the Audis money pits too?

BMW E30 great first car!!!.E36 another good car. you're not going to find a reliable BMW after 2006. if you do get a 2000's BMW then replace plastic cooling parts every 95k miles. they have kits on eBay for 400$. don't mess with the newer BMW's though. I currently have a 2002 BMW X5 with 200k miles on it and it still runs great.