Limp mode on 2013 nissan altima

Hello Scotty,

Been watching your channel for some time now and want to thank you for what you are doing. Products that you reviewed did help me to fix my cars and saved me tons of money! (example - Oil Leak Sealer ATP AT-205 and steel seal for head gasket)

But now i have another problem that i never seen before, i hope you can give me some advice

So I have 2013 nissan altima, great car! but not log ago my check engine light come on, codes were related to  throttle body, so i cleared it with scan tool and it was fine, then one morning my check engine came on again but this time with traction control and car did not accelerate (2k rpm max in "PARK") I read the codes and they where P2103, P2101 and P2118. I cleared the codes and car started up and run like nothing happened. Later 50-100 miles it did that again. so i cleared it again. and I did that multiple times.

Then i decided to replace throttle body and gas pedal but it did not help. One day when it did it again i decided to clear codes by removing battery cable and now check engine and traction lights are on all the time now and will not re set. they will reset but will come on as soon as i start the car. Since then I also check  all the fuses, and traced all the wiring related to throttle body and gas pedal and found nothing! Seems like car goes into some kind of limp mode.

Let me know if you have any ideas what that could be. Thank you!

Misha Kozak

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those nissans are junk as they age, sadly. Yours seems to have a computer module failure, find a real good nissan mechanic to analyze that first.