Like 4 months ago or so the clutch was getting soft at times, harder to change gears and then went back to normal happened few times. I drive normally don't abuse the car. Now today I can't put it in any gear clutch feels soft. You said it was the clutch slave or master cylinder when I asked you before. Could this still be that issue?


 yes, they have rubber seals inside which can shrink and expand with the weather as they age, so they can work, then not work. I had one that leaked ONLY in the winter, but not in the summer


Under normal driving how long should clutch plate pressure plate and clutch bearing last?

Hi Scotty how much usually clutches last

I have in my old mercedes w124 the original clutch i think, bought it with 100 000 km on now by allmost 200 000, 120 000 miles, just recently the clutch cylinder was hanging . that was all. Since 1995 i own this car. so i drove at least 60 000 miles with the old clutch . still no clutched changed