Lexus GS450H

P0016 Lexus GS450h. Engine runs perfectly fine.

Hey Scotty congratulations for the youtube channel. I have a question about a Lexus GS450h. Nobody figures out what is rong with the car. I have a check engine light that is popping once a week and then it dissappears by itself. Car is running perfectly fine. The error is P0016. I changed the cam sensors, check the timing, changed de OCV valves. Still pops up randomly. From what i figured, the code pops out only when the car is driving in town and is switching between electric and petrol. I drove the car for a month only on petrol(if I put the gearbox in S mode, the engine does not shut off) and the code never appear. Can you please give me and advice? It is the same engine found on other Lexus 350 (2gr fse).

The car is very well maintaned, oil changed every 6000 miles.

Thank you!

Greetings from Romania

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Thanks Scotty!



big reason NOT to ever buy a hybrid car, even a toyota product. They are hell to fix as they age. if it runs fine, live with it.. If the code comes on and stays, then have a pro try to decipher it, cause now that would be near impossible to figure out