Lexus ES300 trouble code and transmission weirdness


Hey scotty! I recently bought a 1997 lexus es300 with 111,098 miles on it from my neighbor, The car was clean and has been for a month up until now, I had a code come up twice in the same span of a couple minutes, P0446, Evap emissions vent valve control circuit.. Any idea where i should start? Also when the car is cold it wont shift into 3rd gear until its above 3100 RPM but once warm it shifts very smooth and other than that i havent had any issues with it. Recently replace the timing belt, water pump, EGR valve, and some brake lights, i have a light that comes on at night saying theres a bulb out but i cant find anything wrong, My main concerns are the transmission not shifting until higher RPM's and the P0446 code that popped up twice, Both codes are pending.

Also when shifting into drive or reverse, sometimes it clunks, But it feels more like theres play in the CV shafts, Would replacing them make the clunks stop? It doesnt happen when the car is cold but once the RPMS have dropped to a normal idle and its warm, This happens often, just small clunks when going into drive or reverse, Thank you!
Keep up the good work scotty

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The car drives and feels like a brand new car, and personally to me, could easily pass as a car made in the mid 2000's and it shocks me. This lexus is the second car i've ever owned, I bought it for 1500, lady just wanted a new car so she wanted it gone. My first car was a 1998 buick park avenue, And i loved it but man being in a lexus now is such a difference and i absolutely love it