Last night during a huge Phoenix monsoon thunderstorm, my 17 y.o. daughter was driving in her first weather event like this - she drove onto a flooded street (we don't have storm drains in this desert town), and afterward, my 2000 Honda Accord V6 developed a bad behavior (no doubt due to the sudden immersion in water): it starts and runs fine, and revving it up to 1500 / 2000 RPM's it sounds just as smooth as ever, but when she (and later, when I) put it in gear and give it some gas, it is sluggish and acts like it wants to stall. We left it in place on a safe side street overnight, and I stopped by the car this morning to see if the problem might have "dried out". It started right up, it seemed to be running great. Everything worked, and again, it revved just fine. I put it in drive, drove it about 200 feet with growing confidence as it accepted the gas I gave it and shifted just fine, and then, after parking it for a moment and letting it idle to warm up a bit, I put it back in gear, tried to drive it again, and it went back to the same bad behavior as last night. There are no new noises, horrible vibrations or other signs of obvious damage from the water - just this unwillingness to accelerate when in gear and given gas. Cruising around the internet looking for other perspectives on this problem, I've seen references to the oxygen sensors and the throttle position sensor. Not sure what to do when I end up having it towed home if it's still acting this way later today when I go back to try it again. What are your thoughts, sir?

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tons of things can go wrong with water damage. Start with a pro like me scanning it on a 5 minute road test, Pray the tranny hasn't been destroyed or any computers

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