Kia Optima Hybrids & Optima PHEV. Do they break down easily?

looking for insight to see if Kia Optima hybrids or Plug in versions are worth the cost to repair and maintain.

Hi scotty i really like the aesthetic design on the kia optima hybrids 2015 and newer as well as the Kia optima PHEV that just came out in 2017. I just wanted to get your opinion if these cars are reliable as a toyota camry or money pits like a mercedes benz lol. Can you make a video discussing Kia vehicles? I feel they just recently surged in popularity with the 100k mile warranty. I would like to purchase one but i'm not sure if they will break down on me as soon as they hit 100k miles

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not really, you never get your money back buying any hybrid unless it's a business like uber. They cost a ton to repair when they get old