Kia Amanti 2004 VIN KNALD124745024406 11-23-2018 - I am having strange issues with my car. 5 weeks…


Kia Amanti 2004 VIN KNALD124745024406 11-23-2018 - I am having strange issues with my car. 5 weeks ago the idle system began acting strangely. Pressing the accelerator did not give the normal response and pressing the brake pedal would reduce engine RPM to the point of stalling the engine. It seemed like items related to throttle position. The check engine light was on too. This Kia has both a pedal position sensor PPS (I has wrongly assumed this was the TPS) as well as throttle position sensor TPS and of course it has a throttle control motor. I obtained a scan tool from Auto Zone. I neglected to write down the code, but I think it was something to do with the TPS. I did move harnesses and cleaned connections on what I thought was the TPS, but turned out to be the PPS. The car was still running badly. I decided to use the tool to clear the codes... Once I did that, the engine throttle began working correctly! Why would that happen? If the problem was there before I cleared the codes shouldn't return and re-alam? The car ran fine again after that. Puzzled, I returned the car to my daughter and told her to let me know if she had more problems.

1/1/2019 - My daughter called and said she was stuck at a gas station. I obtained the scan tool again... Coded P2122, P1193, P0224 (I think the latter was the same code from 11/23/18). I tried changing the TPS with a used one - Problem remained. I tried clearing the codes to see if they would re-occur, but just like the last time clearing the codes caused everything to return to normal!

As you can tell I'm a Saturday mechanic, but by trade an Electronic Technician and this just makes no sense to me. Why would clearing the codes case the problem to go away??? It's not a coincidence since its happened twice. Your thought on fixing this problem would be helpful. I'm almost to the point of taking it to a shop but don't really want to spend the big bucks I know its going to cost. I do not have the service manual for this car. Is it available?

Thanks for all your helpful videos on YouTube.

Blessings, John 20:29

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


computers reset when you do that, and that can mask problems a short period. Knowing those, often it's a bad sensor on the accelerator pedal. BUT i would have to personally check all data with my dealer level scanner to find it without just guessing