Just looking for some advice from an honest/knowledgeable mechanic

Big Daddy Jody

Used car salesmen are cons. The last two times I did I ended up with two early 2000s GM cars under 100k miles but both had intake manifold leaks which the dealers cleaned and covered with lacquer. Understand I have a substantial amount of money in the bank. Over $70k. Also take into consideration I’m in the market for a 4x4/RWD truck/suv although I’d take a FWD/4x4 or a RWD sedan for the right price.

My question for you is a four part question.

  1. Would I be better off buying a new car instead of a used one because used dealers are so shady?

  2. Would I be better off going to an auction where used dealers buy their cars and out bidding the dealers on a low mileage car and fix whatever is wrong with it?

  3. Should I try buy a retired cop/government Crown Vic? I know a dealer that has tons of them. All of which have dirty engine bays(which is more honest from my experience) and they are relatively low mileage cars. One is a retired cop car 2008 Crown Vic with 117k miles for $4400. Another is a retired gov car 2005 Crown Vic with 116k miles for $2200. The last one is a retired gov car 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis with 135k for $3500 but is very sharp. I really like the idea of a V8 RWD. Call me old school. I just don’t know any better. From your experience how well do these cars hold up over time as far as mileage, motor/tranny, suspension?

  4. I just got done looking at a 2008 Silverado 1500 4.3 V6 work truck, 4x4, automatic, crank windows, no keyfob, very basic etc with 100k miles on it. It was repainted with a great black and red pin stripe paint job and fully undercoated. Honestly this thing made my mouth water. I loved it in ways. Asking price $11k but I talked the guy down to $9500. Is it even worth my consideration or should I try to find a similar F150, Tacoma, Tundra or 4Runner instead?