Hi Scotty! I bought a used 2014 Mazda CX-5 recently. 145k miles. New (35k mile) engine. Hadn’t shop check it out. No codes. Private party sale from mechanic. Drove home just fine two hours. The transmission went out right away and seller (who owns a shop says he only made $500 on the car so won’t give me money back.) and would do transmission for discount but not sure that’s a good idea. It seems the price for remanufactured tranny installed is about $5500 from local transmission shop. I paid $8k for the car. Not covered under lemon or lemonade laws. It’s strange had a few shops look at and say it was good on transmission fluid then transmission shop says it’s 2Q low but not leaking? Options seem to be spend $4k on salvage, $6k on reman, sell for huge loss or drive it with the awful vibrations it has and hope it doesn’t get worse? OR I wonder if I should try the shudder fix fluid first before replacing trans? No obd codes now. No check engine lights. Thoughts?
Also with newer engine and trans should this car be good to go for many miles after without other major repairs?
Thanks!!! Really appreciate your help!

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


The man who sold it to you as a scumbag but if he has a mechanic he is responsible for pre existing conditions in most States if transmission went out right away hes response of afford. Hire a lawyer and Sue his ass