Just bought a 2005 VW Jetta 2.5 to replace my daily driver that was totalled when I got rear ended. I am having a problem with the door locks on both the passenger front and back door on this jetta. I click the lock button on either side of the car or manually lock the door with the key and only the driver side front and rear side lock. I dont even hear the lock trying to engage on the passenger side doors. If I lock the car which arms the alarm, it will set the alarm off if opening the passenger doors. Since it is both doors is it likely a wiring problem or could both lock control modules be bad?

Hard to say without testing the actuators, verifying circuitry, and still may need a VAG-com tester to verify proper module operation as well. Realize this may be the beginning of issues with that 12 year old VW, as they're known to turn into bigger & bigger money pits the older they get.


Ugh, that's what I am afraid of. I had a 2008 kia spectra and bought it new and had zero problems besides normal oil changes, brakes, tires, and a battery. Unfortunately some dude decided it was more important to look down at his phone instead of paying attention to the road and slammed into the back of it. So after the insurance totalled it I was left with $3500 to find a daily driver and seen this one at a Toyota dealership for sale. The A/C wasn't working but got lucky and fixed that with a $15 ambient temperature sensor. Now I'm having this lock issue, and also a battery draining issue. The lock issue I can learn to live with, but the battery drain is being annoying cause I have to trickle charge it at night or it's dead in the morning.The dealership put a brand new battery on it, the alternator is new cause I found it in the maintenance records. Not sure if it has anything to do with it or not, but it started when I tried to get the key fob to work by replacing the battery and it just made the alarm start going off on the car. Only able to turn it off with key and removing battery.


Can you return it? Try hard! If not, watch the video "finding battery drains in your car", fix it cheaply so you can then sell it! Old VW are NOT daily drivers. 3500 bucks will get you a decent old Toyota, search private ads and have it checked my a mechanic before you buy (a $100 investment).