Just a question about an AC system for an 05 Honda Civic EX Sedan 1.7L L4 Gas with/ about 264,000 miles.

AC system hasn't been running very good for quite awhile; (Wasn't really needed here in NY since its usually chilly) But on hot days it would work for a bit.. Stop. Etc. Took it to an auto parts store thinking it may just need to be charged, and the employee informed us that it was overcharged (Girlfriend has had the car since 2015 and was never charged since) I took it to a repair shop and got it flushed ($97.15 charge), and they told me the compressor is completely gone, they tried to "jump" it and etc. They told me it would be $517 for the compressor and $218 for the labor of installing it (@ $98 p/hour labor rate) before taxes. They said just to leave the Freon empty until a new compressor is put in. I'm not "auto smart" by no means, but by looking around at compressors that fit the car and most are on average from $147.99-379.99 seems like that's not a good deal.

I found this compressor on Amazon and it says its fits the civic, I'm going to have to look around for a mechanic but would like some opinions on if I should go with this one or a more expensive one from say like Napa auto parts.

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Try ebay also. But make sure you go to ac specialty shop. Lot of stuff that can fail in ac system