Replaced Battery, Ignition Switch, Starter and Alternator and Battery still does not charge.

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I am a big fan of your shows. 

I have a 2003 Chevy Impala which is not charging my battery so far I've replaced the ignition switch about a year before the charging problems started. At first we didn't know that it was a charging problem the car just quit running on us when we got back home from a long trip. After that I couldn't start it again we removed the starter and had it tested and found it to be bad it was replaced then we noticed the battery was dead and we couldn't start it so we took the battery to get tested and it was a good battery so we had it charged and put it back in the car. I've replaced the alternator with one from AutoZone which has made no difference. I have tested continuity with a DVOM from the starter solenoid to the alternator output terminal which is good also from the battery positive terminal to the alternator output terminal which is also good I have also test the continuity on the fusible link that is near the fuse box under the hood this is good as well. I have had the original alternator tested at two different AutoZone stores I also had the brand new alternator tested in store before I purchased it and the tests were all good yet neither alternator old or new will charge my battery. When I attempt the positive side voltage drop test I get 12.24__V__DC which is confusing because I'm supposed to get .1 volts DC or .2 volts DC according to the standard tests I've read about. H__ave__ you heard of any Quirky wiring that exists in a 2003 Chevy Impala that would cause the voltage drop test to produce these results? If you can give me some insight on what could be causing the charging problem?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.



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I finally took it in to a neigborhood garage and it turns out that when I replaced the alternator, I installed the two main wires backward. It cost me about $100 but lesson learned huh? At least the cars been running again now.



wiring stinks on those, check the ground wiring to the engine and alternator first, and if not that, ignition switch or charging system wiring is shorted out somewhere