Hey i want to ask something. Yesterday i change the engine oil on my isuzu d-max. The problem is i can't find it's oil filter because the car is quite rare in my country. I know going to isuzu dealer will solve my problem but you know how they price things on there. I have several question:

  1. I found isuzu oil filter for light utility trucks from local shop that can be installed on my d-max. However it is longer than my original oil filter. The original is 10cm long and the one that available is about 14cm long
    They looks exactly the same. I measure the space room and it would fit without any contact with other components. Would it be safe to install longer oil filter on my car?
  2. I probably could find other oil filter from gasoline car that can fit on my diesel dmax. For example the one from Honda accord or something, just need to make sure it will fit on the engine. The question is would it be safe? It's just oil so probably it's safe right? Eventhough one is diesel engine and the other is gasoline engine but both oil filter have same function.

For now i put back my old oil filter. Which from those 2 would you prefer and why? Of course i can go to online shop and buy the right thing but i prefer to look the real goods with my eyes. I really appreciate the help.