Having many issues ranging from ABS, to pulsing.

I purchased this car a little over a year ago now, my brakes have had a grinding like noise found out that was the ABS had a sensor replaced, and also a axel they claimed it had to do with the sound also, that stopped, now the car had no air so I paid to have new AC lines, compressor, etc. The mechanic i went to had put a screw threw my radiator, he had to pay for that, ever since that day i have had problems, went home next day Transmission fluid and the AC refrigerant was leaking all over the ground. The guy claims that a lot of the fluid wasn't lost. Starting about 2 weeks ago now it started pulsing only while using the air conditioning. 4 days ago i went to leave started it up, turned the AC on waited a few seconds for it to get cold, i began to back up and the car died. It started right back up. Called the mechanic and came in the next day they ran their machine and say they cant find anything. And it didn't do anything while he test drove it. He showed me the machine and he said it has history of Misfires. My question is what should i do? This car only had 52k miles when i got it now it has 58k It has been great to me over this past year, should i get rid of it, keep it? Or would you happen to know what is possibly going on.

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those are pieces of crap, they stopped making them years ago. Get rid of it and get an older toyota if you want to save money and your sanity