Patrick S

Picture, unrelated. After changing spark plugs, Car won't start. Cranks but makes a click noise then stops.

Car - 2007 Scion Tc

My Diagnostic/Issues that I came across and tried to change,

 Issue - Car would drive fine then die when I stopped. Not an alternator issue.

What I've changed recently;

  • Alternator changed 6 months ago
  • Battery changed 1 month ago
  • Fuses changed 3 weeks ago (I don't know what the mechanic did)
  • Wire that runs from my battery to my dash to my trunk? (Had it splint, I think it's a ground?)
  • Air filter changed 3 days ago (someone told me it was bad)
  • Fuel cleaner put into car 1 days ago (same person said my fuel system might needed to be clean)

Car would turn over and turn on, but I noticed the engine bay was shaking and I googled it, people said it could be misfiring on spark plugs, so I decided to replace them.

  • Spark plugs changed 1 days ago

After changing my spark plugs, I opened the door to my car, the dash light didn't come on. I tried locking my car with the button on the door and nothing happen. I put the key into the ignition, turn the key, car makes a click sound then won't hold the turning sound if I keep rotating the key, fuel meter won't go back down to 0 when car is off, stays where the fuel meter is when the car is off. I tried so many different things and I feel like giving up! Please Scotty I need help!!! :(