is the mechanic ripping me off

I called the mechanic that is replacing the clutch but found out he sent the flywheel off to be 'engineered'

I went to change my warn out clutch to the mechanic he search the parts for my car in his data base & quoted me a price that included labor cost he talked me into changing to the more heavy duty clutch because the price was actually cheaper than the standard one, he said it would be ready 4 days later (today), so I called the shop , the receptionist said the flywheel was sent to be 'engineered' and the car will not be ready to be picked up today.

I would like to know is 'engineering' the flywheel something he would of known before hand as something typical of changing a standard clutch to a more heavy duty 4x4 clutch , am I being ripped off if he charges me extra for the 'engineering'

thank you for your help



he really means the flywheel is being turned on a lathe to make it flat. often not such a hot idea as it's thinner then

Anthony Zingale
Anthony Zingale

Scotty already answered this. But NEVER pay a mechanic upfront. Good, honest mechanics have you pay once the work is done.