Is it worth it to rent a car while your car getting fixed?

Should I rent a car while taking my car to a another mechanic???

I have a 97 Corolla that just broke 200k miles. I bought for $1800 with 106k miles. Anyway, I have already given a mechanic 400 dollars to fix back struts, flex pipe and to check my brakes. He keeps delaying working on it. He picks the car up because he's by my place of work. He had it 7 hours one day and only fixed the flex pipe. He tried to blow me off today though we agreed today he would fix the rest of it.

So is it worth it to rent a car from hertz and take to another shop and drop it off. I'm already in the hole $400 and renting a car from hertz is about $200 for a compact car for six days. So $400 + $200(with AAA discount) + new mechanic cost to fix.

Is this wise or just buy another old toyota?

The engine and trans seem to be excellent in my current one.



they are great cars, but NEVER pay any mechanic up front. Honest ones like me get paid in pull ONLY when job is done

Yeah, I only did it because it was a co-worker's cousin. These cars are good but the struts are like chicken bones. Very delicate, IMHO. Thanks.