Hey scotty

I finally found a buyer thats coming tomorrow for the mitsubishi for $6300 with 72k miles. I test drove a few camrys and accords and didnt feel any difference. When I asked my personal mechanic he said just keep driving it cos theyre all going to rust way before their life is over. The only car I actually liked was a v6 accord but from the looks of this is mitsubishi that bad of a car lol they only joined nissan in 2016 and my model year is 2012

Is it worth selling for 6300$ just to spend another 6000$ for a used 4-5yr old camry coming off a lease or something. Every single private sale I found is some curbsider selling auction accidented cars lol

my car I bought has all service record from previous owner oil changed every 5k miles and cvt trans every 30k, coolant every 50k. So have mine so its been really taken care of so I have no idea what Im getting into buying an off lease theres no service record and the car has 55k miles. If i take it to my mechanic, can he determine if fluids have been changed and if motors going out with a compression test?

thanks for your input