Is it a good idea to change my transmission fluid?

I need to know if it is a good idea to change my transmission fluid and filter.

I just bought a 2003 Chrysler Town And Country. It has approx. 200,400 miles, and one thing I've noticed about it since I got it on the road is that the transmission hesitates a little, and that the engine works a little harder than my Mom's van between shifting. The first thing that came to my mind is to check the fluid, and the picture enclosed is what I've found. Looking at it, my next thought that the transmission filter is probably the original one it was built with. However, at work, I mentioned it, and I got an almost unanimous "don't do it". What I was told was that with the miles on the car, a new filter could let the pressure increase in the transmission from a new filter get some of the gunk loose, and clog the new filter up, and potentially burn up the transmission. They also told me that it was a bad idea to change the fluid in a transmission with high mileage. What do you think? I would like the car to last as long as possible, but I've only ever done a transmission filter once before, and that as to try and save a transmission that was already dead, so I know very little about this.

Thank you very much, and your channel is great!

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I have always had good luck with doing a drain and fill, don't flush the entire system, that can cause issues. Make sure you get OEM fluid and not a universal fluid, you'll pay more buy putting back in the fluid you are draining is the best. You'll only get a few quarts out but if you do it a few times you'll replace a lot of it.