John Luymes

Hello Scotty:
My daughter has a 1997 Honda CR-V she bought a month or so ago with about 190,000 miles on it. It has instantly stopped running on her in the middle of traffic, only to start again (so far) five or ten minutes later. It has not yet quit on her twice on the same trip. Unnerving and unsafe, to say the least.
The instrument panel lights stay on immediately after the vehicle quits with the key, of course, in the Run position. The Check Engine light does not come on and there are no codes showing on my simple Autel MaxiScan code reader.
Have you had enough experience with such vehicles to know where one might look? Looking up on the web, I see that forums show that issues like this could arise from faulty coils, ignition modules, fuel pumps, ignition switches or main relays. A recall (No. 02V120000) was published in 2002 by Honda for a variety of vehicles of that vintage to replace the ignition switch because the bulletin said that failure could cause a crash.
I recognize that intermittent problems of an electrical nature are hard to diagnose but appealing to mechanics who have years of experience, of course, is a great place to start. I may have to go through the process of replacing a few parts to eliminate the most likely or least costly possibilities. Thanks! John.