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Hey Scotty. Love your videos. I have an automatic 2000 Toyota Avalon with a 6 cylinder engine (they all do!). I'm getting a P0330 Engine Code. There are couple of weird things happening that my mechanic can't figure out what's going on and he thinks it might not be (just) the knock sensor.

  1. The car, most of the time, has serious power issues as in it can barely get up to speed on inclines, especially freeway entrance ramps. During these lack of power periods, there is a huge knock "Pinging" sound coming from the engine. Seems like the knock sensor to me.
  2. This is really weird. Whenever it rains really hard, the engine runs fantastic, like I think the engine should run and was designed to run.
    What could be causing #2 and do you think, as I do, it is just the knock sensor and/or harness that needs replacing?