I watch your videos quite often and I am very impressed with your scope of knowledge and your years of experience as a mechanic. I also know your stance on Mercedes and what a PIA they are in terms of cost of ownership and reliability. I have a 2000 ML-320 with 71,000 miles. Yeah I haven't driven it much. I am the original owner and I have taken very good care of it. It has never broken down or had any major issues aside from some sensors going bad. My problem I have now is with the steering which I believe has to do with a worn out rack and pinion. Below will tell you why I think this. When going on freeway turns and bends it feels like the car is oversteering requiring constant adjustments. Feels like slipping on ice. My mechanic looked at it and found no problems with the tie rods, ball joints, bushings, and no leaks with the power steering system. He suggested I take it to get the alignment checked. I went to 2 alignment shops and neither of them found the car to be out of spec. My mechanic did concur with me that the steering is off and is unstable with turning at freeway speeds. I asked him about replacing the rack and pinion and he declined to do the job. His philosophy is not to perform work that cost more than the cars worth. kbb has got my car pegged at 2,000 dollars. He also says that the issue isn't bad enough to warrant a replacement. But I got to tell you, it's annoying as hell. What do you think?

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those racks go bad ALL the time on those, and cost a small fortune to replace, he's telling the truth. Either spend the small fortune or only drive at lower speeds (or get another vehicle.) I have had many customers get rid of those because of that same exact problem and cost to repair it.