I wanted to share this with you. We recently (six months ago) bought a 2009 RAV4 with only 18,646…


I wanted to share this with you.

We recently (six months ago) bought a 2009 RAV4 with only 18,646 miles on it. We bought it from a dealer and it was Carfax verified. I believe you said to change the fluid at 60,000 miles. However, since the vehicle is over ten years old it seemed to me that the age of the fluid should be considered (like with engine oil being changed at least once a year regardless of miles driven). Well, after owning the vehicle for six months, I changed the ATF this week with 28,000 miles on the odometer. See the attached picture comparing the old fluid with new fluid. In real life the fluid looked dark brown with a purple haze on top.

I wanted to share this with you. Also, the ATP multi-vehicle ATF that you recommended is not something I felt confident using because of what is said in a video I recently watched. I'm sure that there are name brand fluids that would be fine but ATP was something I never heard of before. Furthermore, a fluid that claims to meet Mopar ATF+4 specs can NOT also meet Toyota ATF-WS specs. The ATP product makes that claim as per what is found at http://atpautomotive.com/at216 . The Mopar ATF+4 specs call for a minimum spec of 7 on the viscosity scale BUT Toyota WS has a maximum of 6 on the viscosity scale so it is impossible for one fluid to meet both specs. Watch the video I mentioned above found at https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ax791vQ4-Ws . Start at the 5 minute point in the video.

Based on this, you may want to reconsider your recommendation of the ATP product.

I enjoy your you tube videos but I'm the kind of person who does their own research to make sure. After all nobody is perfect...😉😀

Otherwise, keep up the good work.